13 Things You Should Stop Doing on Social Media

Social media is an ever evolving beast and while we all know how to use it on some level, it doesn't come with a handbook with those unspoken rules we just assume everyone knows. 

Whereas we can't be there to monitor your every move (unless you hire us to do it for you;) we are sharing a few things you shouldn't be doing on social media in hopes to make the world a better place. You can thank us by sharing your thoughts in the comments!

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1. Not engaging with a targeted audience

Automation is a great tool and can be a life saver for keeping up with posting content, but we've all seen those people who just post and never return to interact with comments. To ensure you make the biggest impact on your followers, you should be commenting and replying to others. 

2. Buying fake likes and followers

We've all come across those accounts where the followers don't fit the engagement. As tempting as it is to be taken more seriously, you are less likely to do so if you buy fake followers or likes as those followers do not engage with your account. With the new algorithms, you are actually hurting yourself in this area by downgrading your engagement.

3. Using irrelevant hashtags

Using non-targeted hashtags won't help your end game. Sure they may help you with temporary likes but do not expose you to a larger audience targeted to your blog or business. TIP: Spend your time researching trending hashtags for your brand.

4. Keeping social media profiles private

When growing a following as a blogger or business, it's important that you are "seen." You will be less likely to get followers if they have no idea what to expect. It can also be very tedious to have to go through the requests. TIP: Create a "personal" account if you want to document your life for friends and family without it affecting your brand.

5. Not sharing other people’s content

While it's important to put in the work to showcase your own brand, it's just as important to be someone who's supportive of others and willing to show your ability to be inspired by others. When other's see you sharing content from someone else, they can trust you to be open to learning and sharing. 

6. Not posting at optimal times

The goal is to get your content seen. If you are not posting during optimal times, you are wasting your hard earned time making content. Do some research into what times are best for you by reading your analytics.

7. Posting for instant gratification

We are big on quality over quantity. It's a disservice to your brand to post just to have that moment of instant gratification. Make sure you only post when it's good quality content.

8. Forgetting to double, no triple check before posting

We've all likely been guilty of this one so you get a pass but we've also all probably been that person who spots the grammar and spelling mistakes and takes someone a less seriously. Better safe and sorry. Take the time to check so you don't look silly to your audience.

9. Using bots to auto respond or comment

No one likes seeing comments crafted by robots. It immediately challenges the authenticity of your brand and works against any work you've put into being real with your audience.

10. Not giving credit using other's photos

As an ex-professional photographer, I can say it doesn't make you look good to not credit someone else's work. By giving credit you are showing your ability to support other's talents.

11. Not leaving genuine comments

Nothing is worse than logging in to see who has engaged with your posts and seeing one word comments or comments that are not relevant to the post. It shows a complete lack of consideration and effort and you don't want to be that person. This may lead to people unfollowing you out of annoyance. 

12. Forgetting to use hashtags in stories

Using hashtags in IG stories is just as important as in posts. Many more people are watching stories now and they often see those posts before posts in the feed. You are missing out of a huge audience if you are not utilizing this tool. 

13. Not using analytics

It's a big mistake to ignore analytics on your platforms. These provide value info on your audience, optimal post times, what is working and not. Without utilizing these free tools, it's like going at it blindly when the information is right there waiting to help you with your next move from month to month. 

*Ps can you find our mistake?

We hope this non-official handbook has been helpful. Feel free to leave your own suggestions or questions in the comments!