5 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Funk

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you can’t seem to pull yourself out of bed so you close the shades a tad tighter and click next on your Hulu queue.

Don’t feel guilty! EVERYONE has been there, and if they haven’t, at some point they’ll fall into a funk of their own and you’ll be able to guide them through it. The key to getting through any funk is knowing that it’s just a temporary setback. Of course while we’re in the middle of it, it seems like it’ll never end.

During my funks, I’ve found that there a few things that always pull me through to the other side and get me right back in the mental space I need to go out conquer the world. So I’m sharing my five M’s for ditching your funk and reinvigorating yourself. 



1. Movement- I know the last thing you want to do when you’re in a funk is move anywhere that isn’t the kitchen or your bed, maybe the door for your pizza delivery since they can’t let themselves in. But trust me, movement of any kind is a sure-fire way to escape the spiral you’re in and breathe in life from the world around you. I’m not saying you have to go run a 5K, but go ahead and start small. Take a walk down the block, go to your favorite coffee shop, treat yourself to a cupcake or just stand up and really stretch in your living room. It may sound silly, but something as simple as taking a walk or shaking off the cobwebs can really rejuvenate your mind and force your body out of the funk it’s in.

2. Music- This is an absolute must! We all have our favorite songs to sing and shout along with because they remind us of the good times and memories we have associated with them. Whether you want to sing some Mariah Carey, TLC or classic Journey, they’re all exactly what your soul needs to ditch the funk and remind you of the simple joys of music. Don’t feel like singing? Then combine movement with music and dance, even if you have no where else than your living room.


3. Memories- Typically, people say you shouldn’t live in the past, and while there’s some truth to that, you can revel in the good memories and use them to your advantage. It’s common, when we’re in a funk it seems like nothing will ever be enjoyable again and the world is out to get us. We get stuck in the cycle of thinking that just because we’re down everything will always stay this way. It won’t! It’s all just temporary, and there’s no better reminder of that than looking through your old photos of vacations, trips with friends, successful times in your life or anything that really brought joy to your life. From a girls trip to the beach to your first apartment in a new city, all these memories can help remind you how great life is and how much joy you found in the world around you.

4. Minimize- Have you ever walked into a room and felt overwhelmed with all the clutter? Me too, pretty regularly actually. That’s why minimizing has been one of my go-to activities when I’m in a funk. That doesn’t mean toss everything out! Instead, it means you take a critical assessment of the clutter you have and decide what you need and want. What are the objects that bring true joy to your life? Do you have old bills you haven’t tossed out? Then throw them out! Keep only the things that remind you of good times and bring genuine happiness to your life; everything else is clogging your mental space, and if it doesn’t bring you joy then you don’t need it, especially when you’re in a funk!

5. Mindfulness- Whether it’s meditating, praying, or gardening and communing with nature, practicing mindfulness is a long-term method to pull yourself out of a funk and spur self-reflection and growth. Naturally, you’re not going to reach the mountain top of enlightenment with just a few prayers, half-hour meditation or potting one basil plant, but it’s the perfect start you’ll need to begin moving around, refocusing yourself and investing in your overall mental and spiritual health. There are fewer things more satisfying than digging your hands into the soil and caring for a living entity. Does it sound silly? Try it out! You’ll be surprised how much joy encouraging growth can bring to you. The main point is to revel in the calm stillness that meditation, prayer or gardening gives you. It’s a time to break the day-in, day-out cycle and truly spend time with yourself. So find your favorite meditation music, scripture, or head out and test your green thumb! Once you’re out of your funk, you’ll be glad to have invested in yourself.

I know it can be hard, and I know better than most, but pulling yourself out of a funk doesn’t have to be a monumental undertaking! Try some of my five M’s and see if they don’t improve your mood. The truth is, all it takes is one action and decision to change your mindset and get you back in the right space to conquer the world and delight in the little things again. 

What are some ways you get yourself out of a funk? Drop it below!

*Original post by our Co-Founder on Not a Basic Life

Sinjin Hilaski