5 Tips For The Best Time To Post On Social Media

One of the most common questions entrepreneurs and businesses ask is undoubtedly, “When is the best time to post on social media?” The truth is whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, there is no easy answer to give. Sorry, I really wish we had a one-size-fits-all solution, but we have this thing about not misleading you to make clients think it’s easy. 

In reality, it all depends on who your business’ target audience is and which social platforms you are actively using. From there, it comes down to simple trial and error and spotting patterns between the time and day of your posts compared to your audience impressions and engagements. 

Don’t worry, it’s really not as bad as it seems! I know what you’re thinking, “Sure, because this is what you do as a job.” But it really isn’t! Unlike other folks, we aren’t going to say there’s some insider trade-secret for guaranteed success. To prove this, we’ve outlined 5 simple steps for you to implement to find your best time to post on social media––think of this like an algebra equation for social media!

1. Find Your Target Demographic!
If you’re in business, then it’s highly likely you’ve already done this part. Your target audience, customer demographics and desired markets are the driving force behind any marketing or social media strategy, no matter if it’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. Your target audience and their behaviors can give you insight into how to go about planning and prioritizing your social media strategy. You might glean how many hours a day your audience is using social media, what time of day they’re most likely active, what time zone they’re largely in, and which platform they might be using the most! 


2. Pick Your Favorite Social Media Outlet
Based on your desired audience, your industry, and the content you plan on posting, one social media platform might clearly stand out to you as being the most beneficial, whether it’s LinkedIn or Instagram. If you’re targeting millennials with visuals, Instagram might be your best choice, but if you’re targeting parents to announce sales, promotions or blogs, Facebook might be the best way for you to go. Not sure which platform to choose? Check out our blog post “Which Social Media Outlet is Best for Your Brand.”


3. Make an Educated Guess, It’s Okay to be Wrong!
If you’re not using a program to schedule posts and analyze the numbers, we recommend giving it a try! In the meantime, think about the time of day when your target demographic—think age, income, and career industry—is most likely on social media. Is it in the morning, on their daily commute, maybe during their lunch break, or in the evenings after supper or putting the children to sleep? Just like anything, research will help influence your hypothesis on when the best time to post may be!


4. Test, Test and Test Again!
Once you have an idea of when you want to post, go for it! Social media algorithms are always changing—no seriously they just changed this past couple of weeks. Some professionals argue that there really is no “best” time to post on social media. So don’t worry! Instead, follow your gut and consult the analytics, or look for the patterns on your own once you’ve published a few posts consistently!

Social media allowed us to become our own storytellers. With it, we seized the power of our truth.
— DeRay Mckesson

5. Look at the Numbers and Find the Patterns!
Do you like numbers? Eh, we know sometimes it can be a bit much, but social media analytics are about to be your new best friend, especially if you enjoy graphs, charts, and analyzing data! Use this data to see if you’re reaching your desired audience, as well as the goals and performances of your posts. You might even notice a pattern of a demographic you hadn’t anticipated and want to consider pursuing! You can find these patterns using Facebook analytics, which can be found on your business’ Facebook page under the tab “insights,” or on your business Instagram, when you click “view insights,” right above the like and comment buttons under each of your posts!

Once you’ve found the perfect formula for maximum engagements, don’t think your job is done! We know, more work, but we told you it wasn’t going to be super easy. As we mentioned, social media algorithms are always evolving—don’t be surprised if they change again next month. So, keep your eyes open, check your analytics and research to ensure your latest plan of attack is still your business’ best strategy!